ASABE Award Winning
Precision Agriculture AI Platform

As a product of the University of Florida, Agroview is the only proven machine vision and artificial intelligence platform to scientifically prove its results multiple times.

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Precision AI for Specialty Crops

From inventory needs, plant health metrics, and advanced fertility mapping, Agroview has the precision agriculture data... in one view


Tree Count

Accurate tree count is critical for productive results, across the growing operation. It informs strategic and tactical decisions. Our tree count accuracy: 97%.


Gap Detection

Gaps are a key to gross revenue improvement and replanting strategies. With Agroview, you see precisely where gaps are with an accuracy of 95%. 


Health Metrics

Agroview provides per-plant health metrics including: height, canopy area, leaf density, age indicator and health assessment with 90+% accuracy.


Fertility Maps

Fertility maps are critical but costly and time-consuming. Our advanced fertility maps gives you actionable info in days and at a fraction of the cost.


Multi Data Sets

All growing environments are dynamic. Slide back and forth through time with straightforward tools to analyze inventories, health, and fertility.


Total Data View

Agroview's unique approach to combining air and ground data confirms plant health data and renders full-field fruit count & sizing.

UAV & Ground Based Data

Intuitive Map-Driven View
Ground-Based Yield: Fruit Count & Measurement

Proven Science

Instead of rushing to market with promises, Agroview is a science-first product. We have and will continue to prove that our results are: real, reliable, and repeatable.

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Remote Sensing

UAV-Based High Throughput Phenotyping in Citrus Utilizing Multispectral Imaging and Artificial Intelligence

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Award Logo for ASABE 2021 AE50

ASABE 2020

UAV- and cloud-based application for high throughput phenotyping utilizing deep learning
(Led to nomination & ASABE award)

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Screenshot of Plant Health Metrics in Agroview

Proof: Computers & Electronics in Ag

Agroview: Cloud-based application to process, analyze and visualize UAV-collected data for precision agriculture applications utilizing AI

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What the Experts Say

 Our initial tree and gap count was extremely impressive in terms of accuracy and immediate benefit to our operations; we used this inventory to complete a 186,000 tree re-plant operation. We are excited to move forward with the company.

S. Gardinier

Gardinier Florida Citrus

 Agroview... automates processes that have been traditionally been completed in more resource-expense ways. These efforts will allow for greater efficiency and optimization of the agricultural production process, which is necessary to meet future global food needs.

Dr. Kati Migliaccio

Chair and Professor
Agricultural and Biological Engineering, UF IFAS

 Agroview ... will make growers in Florida much more efficient and result in far less environmental impact. This product ... should result in lower inputs of fertilizer, water and pesticides.

Dr. Kelly Morgan

Center Director
Soil Fertility and Water Management, UF IFAS